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line polishing machine line polishing machine line polishing machine

The Hone Luster polishing lines for granite are the soundest investment for companies requiring a very high output, a top quality and programmed, low-budget operating and maintenance costs. Shri Bhagwati was the first company to develop machines for continuous polishing of granite slabs, revolutionizing the field and today, thanks to its unrivalled years of experience, concepts like automation, production, quality without compromise, user-friendliness, simple maintenance and low operating costs are quite familiar to Shri Bhagwati, who has masterly applied them to the outstanding. Hone Luster   is a worldwide success: more than 200 machines produced until today with nearly 100% customer satisfaction.

Inherent quality, their ability to remain high-performance machines during all their service life and to the readily available spare parts by Shri Bhagwati, Hone Luster are much appealing to the used machine market and maintain a very high resale value even after several years (a fact not to be ignored when the purchase of a new polishing machine is considered).

Slab profile and thickness readers
A photoelectric barrier reader detects the slab shape with 10×10 mm resolution, while a sonar reader senses its thickness. This system enables to process even slabs with a polished surface (such as already polished or resin-treated slabs). The system controls the automatic head lifting-lowering, ensures the self-adjustment of the beam travel to the slab width and guarantees that the front, anti-splash and sound-deadening barriers are positioned automatically to match the slab thickness.

Automatic control of abrasives wear
This system performs the continuous monitoring of the abrasive wear of each single head, with video advice notes and warning signals before tools are completely worn out. It also guarantees the minimal lifting of the heads at the forepart and rear end of the slab and their subsequent rapid descent, thus ensuring a better polishing of the edges and a higher operating speed.

Electric and electronic plant
The electric and electronic plant is wired with the “field-bus” technique that transmits digitally, through a single cable, all the PC signals to the different control units installed on the machine. Signal transmission is safe and identification of possible failures is greatly simplified. The stationary part of the machine is electrically connected to the mobile beam by a parallel sheathing system ensuring safer working conditions and longer cable life. All the electric and electronic equipment, including the PC, is supplied by world top-brands, therefore the user can freely get technical assistance and spare parts directly from the manufacturer, virtually throughout the world.

Head lubrication
All the heads operate in an oil-bath system, thus minimizing the wear of mechanical parts. Each rotating head contains the required amount of oil.

Slab cleaning
A rubber wiper fixed at the back of the machine removes water from the slab surface. A pneumatically controlled spindle, integral with the beam and equipped with a brush, cleans the slabs once they are polished. The spindle is raised and lowered automatically each time a slab passes through.

Automatic centralized lubrication system
A centralized system, mainly consisting of a grease reservoir, a pump with double micrometer filtration system, sequential distributors and pipes for high-pressure, guarantees the automatic lubrication of both the spindle units and the other moving parts of the machine. The system is warned about possible malfunctions by pressure sensors that easily pinpoint where the circuit is clogged.

Water plant
Water is supplied to the heads by common, large-diameter, PVC piping that is fixed behind the spindles and connected by flexible, rubber pipes.An ingenious system diverts water outside the spindle casing in the event of overflowing or clogging of the ducts, thus preventing excess water from coming into contact with the spindle internal components.

Some of the worth considerable points are as follow:

– The structure and beam of the machine is fully fabricated.
– The machine is heavy, fully covered and robust to ensure heavy duty for non-stop hours.
– The bed is of the machine fully mechanized right from top to bottom to debar any chances of variation.
– We only involve in-house engineers and implement the latest technologies.
– The length, breadth and height of the bed, beam and all other parts are technically designed, meticulously tested and
   executed as per the paramount standards and protocols followed in the market.
– Our machines are computer numerical control (CNC), the best and lately introduced feature in the market.

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