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* DSL (Busbar)
* Cable Reeling Drum
* VFD Crane Duty Drive
* Radio Remote
* Cabin Operated EOT’s
* Cable Drag Cnain System
* Laser Anti Collision Protection System

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Single Speed Double Speed Single Speed Double Speed Single Speed Double Speed
BM0401 3 12 6 M-5 12 5/20 8 5/20 3 0.66/4.0
BM0402 5 20 6 M-5 12 5/20 8 5/20 3 0.66/4.0
BM0403 7.5 20 6 M-5 12 5/20 8 5/20 3 0.66/4.0
BM0404 10 20 6 M-5 12 5/20 8 5/20 3 0.66/4.0
BM0405 12.5 20 6 M-5 N/A 5/20 N/A 5/20 N/A 0.80/2.6
BM0406 15 20 6 M-5 N/A 5/20 N/A 5/20 N/A 0.53/3.4
BM0407 20 20 6 M-5 N/A 5/20 N/A 5/20 N/A 0.53/3.4
BM0408 25 20 6 M-5 N/A 5/20 N/A 5/20 N/A 1.0/4.2
BM0409 30 20 6 M-5 N/A 5/20 N/A 5/20 N/A 0.80/3.3

We are please to inform you that we are working with our counter partner M/S ABM of Germany. They are one of the largest crane equipment manufacturers in the world. They manufacture crane travel drives for C.T, L.T. and Hoist only for Cranes. Hence they have specialized in crane equipment which provides lifelong service with zero maintenance. They ever offer their equipment to international reputed crane manufacturers.


We enumerate below some of the technical advantages of our Cranes for you perusal.


  1. As we have tied up with ABM German Company we get the latest technical development that take place in Europe for cranes. The C.T, L.T Drives are dual speed obtained by two separate winding in the motors. The dual speed obtained is 5/20 meters and 10/40 meters per minute as required by the customer. You will observe that in this type of dual speed system there is no electronic parts / AC Drives which gives maintenance problem while our drives system is maintenance free for life long.


  1. The ABM Gear motor units have inbuilt disc type two surface safety brake. The brakes linear are asbestos free and therefore does not wear out the metal surface.

Further the setting of the brake is done in Germany at supplier’s factory and hence these are suitable for one million operations before First setting is required.


  1. As the operation of the crane is forward and reverse on L.T. & C.T. Tracks, the normal design gives jerk on the gearbox gears thus there is all the possibility of early wear out of gears and break down of the teeth. In ABM travel drives motors have special design fly wheel which absorbers all the jerks and provides smooth travel. This fly wheel is located in the motor at the other end.


  1. We provide imported cross bar limit switch for the safe operation. In this once you stop the crane cross limit switch activates and slows down the speed and then stops the crane. While starting also the crane start slowly and picks up the required speed. Hence there is no Jerk on the gearboxes and it provides travel free operation for life long. The cross bar limit switch is specially designed for dual speed.

Other suppliers provide AC drives for dual speed for L.T, C.T in hoist drive which does not give lifelong service to drives.


End carriage with cross Bar Limit Switch and travel Drive


  1. Our ABM Hoist drives provides hoisting speed in the range of 1:6 Ratio by means of specially designed motors having 2/12 poles. For your information the 5 Ton EOT crane have hoisting speed of 0.66 / 4 meters per minute with two windings in the same motor this provides slow lifting of the load by pressing half push button on pendent and further if you want higher speed press further the same switch. To obtain this we supply special pendent.

ABM Motors are crane duty and specially designed for cranes. The crane duty motors are S3 Type, 30% CDF and 180 starts per/hour

  1. The drives are compact light in weight and designed according to FEM regulations which are enforce in Europe. These are suitable for easy mounting.

Our wheels are forged from EN 9 Material having double collar. These are supplied with spline bush and the drives are supplied with spline shaft. The travel drive spline shaft fits into the wheel bush without any lateral movement between spline bush and shaft. Hence there is no key way in the wheel and these are therefore free from maintenance. It is observed in key way and key system in variably the keys wear out due to forward and  reverse motion of the crane. Again there is no gear and pinion on the wheel and gearboxes and hence there is no wear and tear and lubrication problem in our system where wheel is directly coupled to gear box.

DSC_0013 (5)

Wheel with spline bush


  1. Our festoon system is of special design having tracks which are close box type and hence no atmospheric dust enters into it. This gives smooth travel to the cable carriers which run on ball bearings. The joint of the tracks are such that one track fits into another with the help of coupler joint two provide smooth movement of cable carriers from track to other track over the full length of the crane beam. These tracks are supplied in 4.5 Meter length and are joined at the site.


Festoon system with cable carrier and flat cable.


  1. Our EOT Cranes are supplied with special imported flat cable having highly flexible copper conductors to avoid crack in the conductors at the bend in the festoon system. These are also UV proof.

The cross bar limit switch are also imported which are specially designed for dual speed    motors and provide lifelong service

  1. The beams of the crane are tested for their deflection at the center to keep the stress within limits of Span / 900 mm.

Our cranes are 100% comparable to any imported European cranes. We have supplied cranes to the customers who have imported Gangsaw from Europe and we supplied complete set of EOT requirement from our works with all German ABM System

Gears having precision hobbed teeth which are subjected to heat treatment.

Machined components checked by limit gauges.

Antifriction bearings on all high speed rotating parts.

Ease of Maintenance

Easy accessibility of parts requiring maintenance.

Minimum number of maintenance parts are used in the crane.

Easy to remove and replace wearing parts.

Further, our rigid inspection and testing of raw material includes ultrasonic testing & radio graphing of weldments. We also perform several tests at various processes of manufacturing to ensure unfailing dependability. We also offer remote control operated and computerized EOT cranes. infra red and radio frequency remote controls are available.

We are also build customized Hoists and Cranes as per the requirements of our customers.

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