Our BBES Series Hoist collection, designed for heavy-duty lifting operations. With a range of 10T to 30T, the BBES Series Hoists are built to handle robust and demanding lifting tasks. Equipped with a heavy-duty chain hoist, these hoists ensure reliable and efficient lifting capabilities. With options for hook suspension and electric trolley, they provide versatility to suit your specific needs. Experience faster lifting speeds and a wider range of lifting capacity with our BBES Series Hoists. Operate the hoist conveniently through a pendant or controller for precise control during lifting operations. Trust in the strength, durability, and superior performance of our BBES Series Hoists to handle your heavy-duty lifting requirements with ease.


  • Range 10T to 30T
  • Robust and heavy duty chain hoist.
  • Hook suspended and electric trolley.
  • Faster lifting speeds.
  • Wider range of lifting capacity.
  • Pendant or controller operated.

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