Our BER Series Crane collection, offering a versatile range of lifting solutions from 0.5T to 5T. The BER Series Cranes are designed to provide efficient and reliable material handling capabilities for various industrial applications. With their long-life friction clutch, they ensure durability and longevity. The durable upper and lower limit switches enhance safety and precision during lifting operations. Equipped with an extreme-duty fan-cooled motor, our BER Series Cranes deliver reliable performance even in demanding environments. The optional inverter allows for variable speed control, while the ergonomic push-button pendant ensures ease of operation. With the options of hook suspension and electric trolley, our BER Series Cranes offer flexibility to meet your specific needs. Experience the power, durability, and versatility of our BER Series Cranes and elevate your material handling capabilities today.


  • Range 0.5T to 5T
  • Long life friction clutch
  • Durable upper & lower limit switches
  • Extreme duty fan cooled motor
  • Invertor (Optional)
  • Ergonomic push button pendant
  • Hook suspension & electric trolley

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