Our BES Series Hoist collection, where quality and performance meet excellence. The BES Series Hoists offer a range of lifting solutions from 0.5T to 5T. Designed to provide the best quality and exclusive features, these hoists ensure efficient and reliable lifting for various weight ranges. Electrically controlled, they are easy to handle and maintain, providing convenience and peace of mind. With hook suspension and trolley options, our BES Series Hoists offer versatility to meet your specific lifting needs. Trust in the durability, precision, and superior performance of our BES Series Hoists to optimize your material handling operations. Experience the excellence of our BES Series Hoists and elevate your lifting capabilities to new heights.


  • Range 1T to 7.5T
  • We offer our customers the best quality of BES series hoist with exclusive series that will help in the lifting of different ranges of weight.
  • These hoist electrically controlled and are easy to handle and maintenance.
  • Hook suspension and trolley.

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