Our BEWH Series Single Girder Crane collection, offering a wide range of efficient lifting solutions from 0.5T to 12.5T. The BEWH Series Single Girder Cranes are designed to deliver reliable and cost-effective material handling capabilities for various industrial applications. With their robust construction and advanced technology, these cranes ensure optimal performance and durability. Whether you require precise lifting for lighter loads or heavy-duty capabilities for moderate loads, our BEWH Series has the perfect crane to meet your needs. Equipped with advanced features and safety systems, our BEWH Series Single Girder Cranes provide smooth operation, enhanced productivity, and utmost safety for your workforce. Experience the versatility, reliability, and efficiency of our BEWH Series Cranes and streamline your material handling operations.


  • Single Girder Hoist Range 1T to 12.5T
  • European design.
  • Compact design & aesthetic look.
  • Minimize hook approach.
  • Classic wire rope hoist durable efficient and easy to handle.
  • Suitable for wide range of flange width.

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