Our BIH Series Crane collection, offering a wide range of lifting solutions for both Single Girder and Double Girder configurations. The BIH Series Single Girder Cranes provide lifting capacities ranging from 1T to 12.5T, while the Double Girder Cranes offer an impressive range from 3T to 150.5T. Engineered with precision and built to last, our BIH Series Cranes ensure optimal performance in various industrial environments. Whether you require lighter loads or heavy-duty lifting, our BIH Series has the perfect solution for your needs. With their robust construction, advanced features, and adherence to safety standards, our BIH Series Cranes guarantee efficient and secure material handling operations. Experience the reliability and versatility of our BIH Series Cranes and elevate your lifting capabilities to new heights.


  • Single Girder Hoist Range 1T to 12.5T
  • Double girder hoist range 3T to 150.5T .
  • Indian Design.
  • Compact & low headroom design.
  • Minimize hook approach.
  • Equipped with high safety features.
  • Customization is possible as per customers requirment with following IS standard.

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