Our BVH Series Crane collection, offering a wide range of lifting solutions from 1T to 12.5T. The BVH Series Cranes are designed to cater to various industrial applications with precision and efficiency. Whether you require lighter loads or heavy-duty lifting, our BVH Series has you covered. With their robust construction and advanced technology, these cranes ensure reliable and safe material handling operations. The BVH Series Cranes combine strength, versatility, and durability, making them ideal for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and construction sites. Experience the flexibility of our BVH Series Cranes, tailored to meet your specific lifting needs, and unlock new levels of productivity in your operations.


  • Single Girder Hoist Range 1T to 12.5T
  • Japanese design.
  • Higher Reliable breaking system.
  • Efficient maintenance is possible.
  • The hoist composed rotational system with utilized break, motor, drum, reduction gear and auxiliary break.
  • Hoisting motor thermal protection..

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