Bhagwati's Goliath Crane collection, where power meets versatility. Goliath Cranes are heavy-duty lifting solutions designed to handle massive loads with precision and efficiency. Our Goliath Cranes offer exceptional performance in demanding industrial environments. With their robust structure and high lifting capacity, they are perfect for handling oversized and heavy components. Whether it's in shipyards, construction sites, or steel mills, our Goliath Cranes deliver unmatched reliability and productivity. Equipped with advanced features and safety systems, our Goliath Cranes ensure smooth and controlled lifting operations, prioritizing the safety of your workforce and valuable equipment. Experience the strength and performance of our Goliath Cranes and take your lifting capabilities to new heights.


  • Single Girder Goliath Range - 1T to 10T, Span Up to 30MTR.
  • Double Girder Goliath Range - 5T to 150T, Span Up to 30MTR.
  • Outstanding crane geometry ensures excellent travel characteristics and minimize wear and tear of CT & LT wheels & runway.
  • Unique safe flange beam joint suitable to normal size container/shipment.
  • Higher service/safety factor crane duty components.
  • Din & ISO international standard cranes.
  • IP 56/IP 65 Panel Enclosure.
  • IP 56/IP 65 Panel Enclousure.
  • FEM rested Robust design.

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