• The machine can customize its position and speed with high precision according to the material's nature and size.
  • Direct Spindle 11Kw Motor Fitted with 'A' Aix Control.
  • The machine stands on a steel stand to provide easy installation and make sure the device uses efficiency.
  • The lifting system uses a hydraulic lifting system, and the main elements adopt imported good-quality materials.
  • Rotating Head 'C' Axis 90 degree Controlled by Hydraulic System.
  • Hydraulic Revolving Table Rotation with a 45-degree Position Locking System.
Detailed Description

Beetle Saw Mill 600 is today's most reliable bridge cutting machine that blends the ease of processing marble, granite, or different natural and engineered stones with its advanced five-axis motion. The best thing that makes it highly demanding among customers is its ability to finish complicated works, like complex shapes' cutting, curved surface processing, milling, etc. The machine arrives with a touch screen Automatic PLC Controlled panel with intuitive programming that enables users to operate it in a highly convenient manner. Beetle Saw Mill 600 has a good opening, high integration, compact structure that makes it the most productive and flexible solution for Stone Processing.

Beetle Saw Mill 600 is an entirely new model in 5 axis Bridge Edge Cutting Machine, which consists of 3 Interpolated Axis and Any 2 Axis simultaneously working. The machine arrives with salient features like easy installation, convenient operation, highly efficient along with that the machine adopts highly advanced materials proving it to be the prior choice for stone processing.

The entire machine is emphasized with high stability, high cutting precision, high cutting efficiency, easy-operating to agree marble, granite, and other natural stones with big size, high value, and special-shaped cutting.