• Efficient
  • More high-grade quality exterior finish
  • Fully Automatic
  • Property of Quick Dryness
  • Human Safety
Detailed Description

The Epoxy Resin Line Baby Line mainly works for strengthening and finishing for both marble and granite, which is controlled by an automated procedure. It is compact for fewer spaces, and its quality ensures that the slabs machine comes with the best organizational parts. The machine is standard for both marble slab & granite stones, and it gives a high-quality finish or reflecting Polish.

The highly advanced Baby Line machine comes with the latest and unique slab drying techniques for the static hot-air drying with air dehumidification. The machine advises the most conventional and quick-drying processes with the help of Efficient Oven design. According to the type of resin used, the material is resin-treated (marble or granite) and the essential production capacity.

The machine arrives with a Vacuum chamber and Motorized palette loading trolley apart from that for loading and unloading a Vacuum Robot is also present that reduces human resources.
Hydraulic tilting trolley helps in loading the slab, and then the machine provides heat to the slab at a specified temperature by a separate heating circuit to improve its quality. Its trays are embraced by a diamond-shaped metal mesh that can help load multiple slabs and tiles on each tray.
The best and most unique feature is the presence of a High-Speed Elevator that helps in better production. Apart from that, a PLC Operating Panel is also present that provides ease and convenience in use for the customer.