PRO CUT D-1500
  • Highly Efficient: The machine admires the latest technology with durable wiring and other components due to which the machine consumes low energy power and ensures high efficiency.
  • Robust Structure: The machine is designed explicitly under experts' guidance, and after many experiences and testing; today, the machine offers a complete working environment with the entire absence of vibrations.
  • User-Friendly: With an inbuilt PLC Controllable Panel with IP 54/55 protection in it, the machine builds an entirely operable with a user-friendly environment.
Detailed Description

PRO CUT D-1500 displays the technological and innovative vision of Shri Bhagwati Machines. The machine is suitable for shaping stones and slab/small blocks cutting by using a diamond wire. It is capable of interpolating two axes and is ultimately user friendly. The machine has two opposite carts carrying the Wire Motion slide segments, accompanying the Machined support employing Lead Screw mechanism and thus moving the wire with rapid vertical up and down motion.

PRO CUT D-1500 is the best solution for squaring blocks with highly imported components that helps in increasing production with high precision. The machine's robust structure is equipped with a Highly fabricated Revolving and tilting trolley that moves on parallel rail tracks, allowing execution profiles for frames, shapes for interior decoration, etc. with its rapid up-down motion. For axis positioning, the machine offers special drives, and apart from that, the machine also provides Diagonal chrome pipes, which ensures the machine's structure's stability.