SINCE - 1995 -



SBMPL stepped into the industry in 1995 with the help of our founder Mr. Yashwant Sharma. Who perceived the enormous potential in developing an innovative market and practically unexplored: developing new technologies and manufacturing industrial plants to produce compound stone.










Established in the mid-1990s, Shri Bhagwati Machines (SBMPL) is an Indian company with advanced technological capabilities and expertise in engineering and manufacturing across various sectors. The company specializes in developing machines for processing granite and marble blocks, cranes, material handling equipment, fibre laser equipped machines, metal forming machines, CNC machines, and industrial and urban infrastructure development projects. SBMPL prides itself on its end-to-end capabilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, aiming to establish a global footprint in India and beyond.

SBMPL adopts a unique modular-build approach to its machines, leveraging its advanced design & engineering center and one of India's largest manufacturing facilities. The company is guided by visionary leadership under the stewardship of Dr. Yashwant Sharma, the Chairman and Managing Director, who emphasizes market leadership through technology. With over 1000 highly skilled professionals, SBMPL has become a market leader and is expanding into new business segments.

The company's mission is to become a world-class organization and leader in every aspect of its business. Innovation is a driving force behind SBMPL's success, and the company applies it across all areas of its operations. The spirit of innovation motivates SBMPL to aggressively grow businesses by accessing global markets, delivering products and services of uncompromising quality and integrity consistent to honour Bhagwati brand, and image. SBMPL has also developed its indigenous research capabilities with pride and dedication, in addition to several technology integrations to upgrade its offerings.

SBMPL occupies a special place in the country due to its highest quality, longevity, easiest-to-use machines range, low maintenance machines, best value for money, and world-class customer support. The company's dedicated and experienced service team has set an enviable track record in attending to customers through both on-site and remote means. As a leading player in the global manufacturing industry, SBMPL takes pride in being at the forefront of a globalizing India and contributing to making "Made in India" a global high-tech brand.

The new generation macninery

Since 1995, we have looked to promote benefits to customers when it comes to our new generation machinery.








"At Shri Bhagwati Machines, our vision is to be the globally renowned leader in Industrial Machinery Manufacturing, distinguished by our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, affordability, and sustainability, creating lasting value for our customers and communities alike."


At Shri Bhagwati Machines, we are dedicated to leveraging technological advancements to create a diverse range of industrial products that significantly contribute to the success of our customers' businesses. Our commitment extends beyond mere manufacturing; our products embody a synthesis of superior quality and precision engineering at every stage, with following four core Objectives

Innovative Industrial Solutions

Our primary mission is to deliver the most innovative industrial products to both national and global markets. We aim to address the burgeoning demand for high-quality industrial machinery equipment, constantly pushing the boundaries of technological excellence.

Harmonizing Technology and Affordability

We strive to establish a harmonious relationship between cutting-edge technology and affordability. By developing this equilibrium, we aim to make advanced industrial solutions accessible to a broader spectrum of businesses, fostering technological inclusivity.

Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of our mission is an unwavering commitment to innovation and stringent quality standards. We pledge to continuously raise the bar, ensuring that our products are synonymous with superior quality, reliability, and performance. This commitment forms the bedrock of the trust our customers place in our offerings.

Sustainability as a Pillar

Our mission extends beyond immediate business objectives to encompass sustainability as a core principle. We aspire to be a sustainable enterprise, delivering enduring value to all key stakeholders. This involves not only environmental sustainability but also economic and social sustainability, ensuring a holistic and responsible approach to business practices.



Our achievements stand as a testament to our journey as a purpose-led business, making positive impacts on our customer’s business. Each success reflects our commitment to creating value for our stakeholders.


Exceeding customer expectations is our topmost priority. SBMPL is unwavering in its commitment to delivering products that not only meet but also surpass customer needs, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Employee Development

SBMPL recognizes and celebrates the unique contributions of our employees. We are dedicated to providing opportunities that foster a work environment where individuals can unleash their potential and achieve professional growth.


Our emphasis on teamwork serves as a cornerstone for SBMPL's strength. By promoting openness, honesty, and fairness, we accomplish our goals collaboratively, ensuring that every endeavour is a collective effort.


SBMPL nurtures high-performing teams with an entrepreneurial mind-set, contributing to our status as a global brand. Our initiatives are designed to instil a spirit of entrepreneurship, driving innovation and excellence.


Innovation is the heartbeat of Bhagwati’s ambition. We encourage a broad approach to social and technological innovation, fostering progress in product development, manufacturing processes, adapting to industrial needs, and staying abreast of the latest technological advancements.

Continuous Improvement

Through our robust business management system, SBMPL is committed to continuously enhancing business performance. We strive to create products that consumers genuinely love, embracing a culture of ongoing improvement.

Social Responsibility

Operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner is a core commitment of SBMPL. We actively seek ways to benefit the communities where we operate, contributing to sustainable development and social well-being.