"Individuals form the bedrock upon which our commitment to excellence is constructed."

The leadership team at Shri Bhagwati Machines is deeply ingrained with a Quality-first philosophy. We view our role as that of facilitators, and every member of the SBMPL family plays an integral part in this journey. We inspire our team to constantly explore innovative approaches to enhance the quality of our work, cultivating a culture of continuous improvement that transcends international standards for quality products.
At SBMPL, we actively foster an environment that promotes fearlessness, honesty, and humility. We believe that these three virtues are intertwined in our pursuit of perfection. Each member of our team is encouraged to embrace these qualities, creating a workplace culture that thrives on the principles of excellence.



Yashwant Sharma



Mr. Yashwant Sharma, the visionary Founder of Shri Bhagwati Machines Pvt. Ltd. Soaked in determination, cultural richness, and unparalleled success, Mr. Sharma hails from the historic and spiritually significant city of Ajmer, known for its serene tranquillity. Mr. Sharma, a commerce graduate, kick-started his career in the realm of Electrical Engineering at a young age. In a remarkably short time, he became Certified Electrical Inspector for Indian Railways. Following this accomplishment, he ventured into panel manufacturing, where he identified several fundamental flaws in machines both imported from the West as well as manufactured in India.

It was during this pivotal moment that Mr. Sharma made a crucial decision – to manufacture machines that not only adhered to impeccable principles but were also tailored to suit the specific needs of the Indian market. In 1995, Mr. Sharma founded Shri Bhagwati Machines, guided by a vision to bring cutting-edge technologies to Granite & Marble industry in India. Beyond replication, he aimed to adapt and refine these technologies for Indian conditions, optimizing production costs. Today, this vision stands fulfilled as SBMPL deploys state-of-the-art machinery globally, proudly holding the title of Asia's foremost brand in the industrial domain.

Mr. Sharma's leadership extends beyond stone processing to diversified engineering divisions, emphasizing honesty, integrity, transparency, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to quality. This isn't just a title; it's a testament to his belief that work is an artistic pursuit, a creative passion shared with the dedicated individuals he calls co-artists. His journey is marked by technical acumen cultivated through self-learning and hands-on exploration. From paper-based designs to cutting-edge 3D software, Mr. Sharma's untiring efforts have left milestones, showcasing his dedication to evolving with the times. Beyond the boardroom, Mr. Sharma is committed to environmental conservation, evident in the greenery surrounding our factories and townships. His ties to society are visible in his role as the driving force behind various welfare schemes, underlining his belief in businesses' responsibility to the broader community. A luminary in the granite industry, Mr. Yashwant Sharma is a recognized figure and top sales stalwart. He has imprinted fairness and honesty in the Granite Processing Machinery business, propelling Shri Bhagwati Machines to the zenith of global Granite & Marble processing machine manufacturing. As a firm believer in the science and art of brand building, he extends his guiding light to other engineering divisions, defining our trajectory in the industry with a culture of excellence.

Yashwant Sharma



Mr. Omanshu Sharma, the elder statesman of the third generation in the Sharma family, has not just inherited a legacy but has redefined it with his dynamic leadership and strategic vision. Completing his schooling at Mayoor School in Ajmer and graduating as a Mechanical Engineer, he possesses an exceptional understanding of business management. Under his mentorship, SBMPL seamlessly transitioned from a conventional to a tech-focused management system. He introduced operational processes that streamlined day-to-day activities across departments, showcasing his commitment to efficiency and innovation

As the guiding light for SBMPL and being focused on building a brand rooted in consumer-centric values of quality, trust, and transparency. From the outset, he set ambitious goals for the company's future, emphasizing rapid growth and expansion. Mr. Omanshu Sharma steered the family business into a new era. Departing from the traditional focus on granite and marble processing machinery manufacturing, he strategically diversified into the Capital Engineering Equipment arena. His systematic and purposeful approach reflects his obsessive commitment to establishing a world-class industrial machinery manufacturing company.

A firm believer in the science and art of brand building, Mr. Omanshu Sharma's leadership has been instrumental in SBMPL's evolution. Engaging with industry leaders, experts, and consultants, he envisioned a global state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing various industrial machinery equipment. Despite being at the helm of all management and operational activities, he empowers his leaders to run the show once a task is aligned, showcasing his trust in his team's capabilities. Beyond the boardroom, Mr. Omanshu Sharma channels his passion for nature-friendly measures in all manufacturing units. His dedication to job creation and youth development is evident in his efforts to train and provide opportunities for young talents. Simultaneously, he upholds best corporate practices, promotes a strong work ethic, and actively contributes to fostering a cleaner and greener environment.

Yashwant Sharma



Rajan Sharma, a dynamic leader in Industrial Machinery Manufacturing, exemplifies a rich legacy of innovation. Holding a master's degree in Advanced Engineering & Design after having undergone a transformative educational journey from Mayoor School to the distinguished Brunel University, UK, he skilfully integrates technical expertise with visionary thinking. As a graduate engineer, Rajan carries forward the esteemed Sharma family legacy not only in Granite & Marble Processing Machinery but also to other divisions like forming divisions and Material Handling division.

As the youngest member of Shri Bhagwati Machines Private Limited (SBMPL), Rajan injects a fresh perspective and forward-looking vision. His passion lies in steering SBMPL towards a modern approach, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with traditional values. In his influential role, Rajan plays a pivotal part in actualizing SBMPL's vision to be an innovative, trusted, and leading brand in Industrial Machinery Manufacturing, with a strong emphasis on stringent quality control and sustainable development. Leveraging his profound understanding of technology, Rajan spearheads the integration of next-gen technology into SBMPL's flagship products. Under his adept leadership, the company embraces paperless workflows and incorporates the latest decision-making tools, underscoring a steadfast commitment to staying ahead in technological advancements. His tireless efforts result in dedicated advanced product assembly lines, showcasing SBMPL's unwavering dedication to progress.

Rajan Sharma's persona is characterized by inherent leadership qualities, an innovative mind-set, and a genial demeanour. His unique ability to seamlessly merge tradition with modernity distinguishes him, positioning Rajan as the driving force behind SBMPL's current success and its promising future. Explore the legacy of innovation with Rajan Sharma at the helm, propelling SBMPL into new frontiers in Industrial Machinery Manufacturing.